Lightning and thunder

Again the Absolutions are circling around a citadel. Again there is no resistance. Thousands of smaller and larger holes are spread over the hull of the Raitaru. The lasers cut undisturbed through the metal of the stations structure.

But lasers are not the only thing filleting the station. Lightning bolts discharge from a second ship formation onto the structure. Once there, they snake across the surface, incinerating everything they touch. Outfoxed has joined the Eviction.

Useless Idea has given up. They make no more attempt to save their stations. They are desperate to evacuate at least their belongings from the stations. PARABELLUM focuses on the stations, but regularly disrupts the escape and exacts a heavy toll of blood.

The picture was different during the battle for the armor. The defenders ventured out of the station with a Praxis fleet. Equipped with cruise missiles, their damage was impressive and their range far superior to the Absolutions. Within seconds, the fleet’s flagship, a Damnation-class commandship, was blown to pieces by the cruise missiles.

The fleet commander of Useless Idea had not expected a frontal attack from PARABELLUM. When the attackers warped directly into the Praxis fleet after a short maneuver and opened their fire, he must have been overcome with panic. He ordered his fleet back to the safety of the station. A mistake that cost him several ships. Some of his comrades-in-arms could not make it to the saving port in time. They lost not only their ship, but also their capsules. The clone transfer transported them back to known space, far away from their home.

Weakened, the chances for the defenders decreased significantly. Another attempt was not launched that evening. Instead, the lost pilots and other support were to find their way to J134716 the next night. Hoping that the absence of a strategic target would make the attackers inattentive, a breakthrough was planned. Luck seemed with Useless Idea, the system liked to generate small wormholes. Small enough for shuttles and frigates, but also small enough that they were unlikely to be overloaded.

Unfortunately for them, PARABELLUM was much better informed than Useless Idea was. A spy in their ranks informed PR.BL about the plan. A little fox in the defenders lair, which had snuck in there a few weeks earlier. For their part, Outfoxed indivudually had prepared for an eviction of Useless Idea. Less crowbar like PR.BL the approach was more tactical. The spy was there to gather information in advance.

Information which was now helpful to the joint action of PARABELLUM and Outfoxed. Both groups guarded the wormhole in the middle of the night. Outfoxed relied on a doctrine of Skybreakers. With these, the weapons could be improved by the engineers only a few days before. The lightning is now capable of hitting up to ten targets instead of five. A single hit does not do much damage. However, with a sufficient amount of ships, it adds up.

Despite the siege, the inhabitants tried their luck. Even though one hit isn’t strong, shuttles aren’t well protected either. The shuttles and their capsules burned up one by one in the lightning storm. Useless Ideas plan had failed, there was no way through for the small travel ships. Those who were not in J134716 could no longer enter the system.

The defenses were broken. There was a lack of personnel and a lack of motivation. The tactics of the attackers had worked and were devastating. From a planning point of view, a complete success. Station after station exploded in a blazing fireball. Without further resistance. Useless Idea was robbed of its home.


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