In the last blogpost is regretted the lack of community work from CCP. My hope is, that the situation will be better soon. On the other hand I left some communities over the last weeks. But the last blogpost motivated me to check the community for great groups.

One of the groups I found is Bombers Bar, a public playergroup that exists since many years. I participated one time in the past, may eight years ago.

So what’s a bored bittervet going to do? He transferes the consciousness to Jita and buys a bomber. A few jumps and a gatecamp later I arrived with my Manticore in the Bombers Bar staging wormhole. Around me, about 30 bombers and other ships.

The other pilots around me were a mixed group from all over the universe. Players from hostile blocks waited together for the targets. In this fleet, there is no politics, just one rule: Not purple, shoot it.

The fleet is your friend, everybody else is your target. At least partially. Of course you aren’t forced to shoot at allies or corporation/alliance members. But you won’t help them either. You just stay out of it and do nothing.

Fleets take place regularly. The topic of the fleet is may changing, but it wouldn’t be Bombers Bar if bombers weren’t included in every fleet.

In my case, entries into 0.0 were rolled and the hunters from Bombers Bar swarmed through them. When they catched a target, everybody was bridged with a Black Ops to the target and the victim was disassambled by torpedoes.

The first target was an Ishtar, that exploded right before I could lock on it. But I got on the pod – it was empty… As bombers aren’t really enduring, the tactic used is hit and run. Roll the wormhole, find target, kill the target, and return. Roll a new entry.

The biggest advantage is the moment of surprise. In return there are waiting times for the fleet, when the hunters and rolling battleships are doing their job. The waiting time is minimized as much as possible by the FC. If there is no target within minutes, the hole will be roled.

The order was to jump through the wormhole. But no Black Ops bridge this time, we warp directly to out hunter. He catched a Chimera, a carrier class vessel. The pilot knew what was coming and stopped fighting. The ship broke surprisingly fast if enough torpedoes hit it.

I had a lot of fun that evening and can only suggest to everyone to check out the public fleets and communities. There are many nice groups. And of course: Be sure to check out Bombers Bar!

Homepage: Bombers Bar | The NPSI community for Cloakies
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