Just recently I had gathered and sorted most of my stuff. Then an unpleasant news: The changes in mining had made an acquaintance of mine realize that he actually doesn’t want to play Eve Online anymore. He decided to quit, completely and forever.

What do you say as a real EVE Online player? “Can I have your stuff?” The answer consisted of several contracts, a bank transfer and the message: “Give me 62 extractors, then you can have the skill points too. After that, I’ll delete the account.”

So I went to Jita, bought the extractors and gave them to him. A few hours later, the trade window again – 62 large injectors. 20.5 billion ISK spent on the extractors, 41 billion ISK received for the injectors. 20.5 billion ISK more in the account. Feels good, never had so much ISK before. The highest amount in ten years of EVE Online was eight billion, but that was invested directly in a jump freighter.

I’ve only used it twice so far, but the price has doubled since I bought it. At least it was a good investment. If you have a jump freighter, you also have a freighter. Very handy when you have to pick up several ships and a full hangar almost 30 jumps away from Jita. Except for the two Hulks with expensive rigs and an Orca with even more expensive rigs, everything was packed up and shipped to Jita.

Thrown directly on the market. 10 billion ISK is the worth of my salesorders. Sums up to 30.5 billion. Plus the Orca and the two Hulks – if I can sell them – another 2.5 billion ISK or so. That’s how you can profit when others lose the fun of EVE Online. Almost 33 billion extra for nothing.

Have you also been lucky and got the stuff from others?