The enemy Wormhole

The Absolution glides silently through the force field. Its golden nose is pointed at a very specific point in space. It points to a wormhole 12 AU away. But it is not just some wormhole. The wormhole is the only entrance to this system. A system that does not appear on any map. A system that can only be reached via other wormholes.

The system is called J134716. But it is inhabited. The corporation Useless Idea has made this system their home. They have set up several stations here and launch their raids into other systems from here. They’ve done it. We are here to drive them from their home. To take everything from them.

The Absolution activates the faster-than-light drive. From one moment to the next, she is sucked out of the force field and into the warp tunnel. With her, over twenty other Alliance ships P A R A B E L L U M. In the warp tunnel, the ships regroup, moving closer together. A ball of ships, shining mostly gold and red, rolls towards the wormhole.

The wormhole billows quietly along. It doesn’t care who seeks passage through its connection or why. It lets any ship pass as long as it fits through the opening. It connects the C4 class system to another C3 class system. The C3 system is not of interest. Its connection into a known system of the empires is important. Useless Idea were not prepared for the attack. But they have friends and they called them to their aid. Hole Control, a major alliance in Anoikis space, has responded. The route through the C3 system is their entrance.

Scouts report the first Interceptors in the C3 system. Until recently, these were the ship of choice for moving into New Eden. But the empires have adjusted the blueprints. Since then, Interceptors can no longer fly through warp disruption bubbles without problems. An additional module is now necessary for this. Only simple shuttles still have the immunity against the bubbles directly integrated. Why the empires decided to take this step is largely unknown and some capsuleer pilots are not happy about the adjustment.

Hole Control pilots have not yet fully adjusted to the changes. The wormhole trembles as a Malediction and a shuttle fly through the link. Not a blink later, several warp disruption bubbles from PR.BL – that’s the short name of the alliance P A R A B E L U M – are activated. The shuttle escapes thanks to the immunity, but the Malediction is caught by a Drekavak. A few seconds later the Dreakavak activates its disintegrator. The red beam focuses on the Malediction, whose shield instantly collapses. After a brief glow of the armour, the hull dissipates. As the beam finds its way to the reactor, the Malediction explodes. Its crew burns helplessly in the flames and even its pilot is only briefly protected in his capsule, before his corpse is also illuminated by the flickering of the wormhole.

Only a minute later, the pilot and the crew of a Stiletto meet the same fate. The Stiletto is even less fortunate. Eighteen pilots from PR.BL opened fire on the Interceptor simultaneously. The integrity of the ship instantly collapsed, the crew had no chance to reach the escape pods. Except for the pilot, of course. His escape pod prolongs his suffering by another gruelling few seconds.

Four flashes. Four battleships enter normal space from the warp tunnel. Barely armed, barely armoured. They are not fit for battle, their task is different. They are to overload the wormhole and cause it to collapse. Without a wormhole, the defenders are deprived of the possibility of receiving further support. Without support they are on their own and they have to face PR.BL alone.

The wormhole is no longer wafting. It flickers frantically. One last twitch. The wormhole contracts and disappears into the infinity of the universe. The last battleship materialises and aims its nose. The target is the force field. It is the last ship of the fleet to align. The fleet commander’s warp command goes out to all ships. Again the ships disappear from normal space. Again they emerge a short time later like ghosts from the shadows. Ready for battle.

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