Holiday. This was urgently needed. Will I just chill in my quarter or will I cruise through the wormholes? At least no administrative tasks.

The bookmark folder semms outdated. Let’s beginn with refreshing the bookmarks and update the map system. With a little luck somebody will fly in front of my guns.

The couch in my quarter is really comfortable. And the Quafe tastes great as ever. But the capsule is way more comfortable. But the Quafe is missing.
I hate the feeling of drowning, when activating the capsule.
Loneliness. Silence. Floating. I love it. Calm. Just relax.

Gnah, but I want to fly into space. THis isn’t possible without a ship connection. From absolute calm to absolute transparency.
The Heron, it’s pretty ugly. However, the module slots are distributed practivally. But it doesn’t look very cool when she slides out of the station.

… … …

Scanning and cartographing is rather annoying. Delete old bookmarks, create new ones, correct wrong ones. The discipline of naming should be improved.
But the map is up to date now. This way I love it. Let’s go back to Kanaan.

A Tengu on D-Scan? It’s not from us. None of the Cheese Party is in space.
5 degree on Sleeper combat anomaly. A mobile tractor unit too. Naugthy. He’s farming our wormhole. I need to change the ship.

Hecate in space

Damn. I haven’t a proper ship to engage the Tengu on my own. Or should I try it?
The Hecate should be used too. It’s a solo ship. But against a Tengu? Trial and error…

Despite the Galentean design it looks much better then the Heron. Flat like a paddle. Activate Propulsion Mode. Warp initiated. 3.6 AU.
There is it. 30km away with the MTU at warp-in spot. Approach, lock and… Tengu pointed. He can’t get away. Fire at will! Just quickly switch to Offensive Mode.

The pilot notices me. He start firing back. The damage is okay, but the two sleepers are switching on me. Why do thes switch?
Neutralizer? I need to get out. My armor repairers can’t keep up, I’m running out of cap.

Phu. Luckily the Tengu hadn’t a point fitted. Around 25% armor left. I can’t win this alone. But there is nobody else.
He’s a lucky guy today. I have to let him farm. In the wormhole 1 are two hacking sites. I’ll do them with my Heron.

… … …

Only 20 million ISK. I had hoped for a greater profit. On the other hand… It didn’t take longer then 15 minutes. If I would regularely find these sites it would be a good income.

Huh? The Tengu is still there? Let’s check how he’s doing. Why is he still here? He just got attacked.
The sleepers are done. The MTU pulls of the last wrecks and the Tengu makes its way to the MTU. He activtes the cloak.

Should I give it another try? He is flying to the MTU at the warp-in. My Confessor isn’t bad at short ranges. Additionally EM/Thermal damage should be a better choice. Here we go…

The Hecate is rather pretty, but the Confessor is just a bit more beautiful. Thanks to the Lavacore SKIN simply threatening. The SKIN makes the warp tunnel glow.

Confessor with Lavacore SKIN

Ha! The Tengu just arrived the MTU at the same time. Offensive Mode, lock and point. Lasers activated.
He is surprised again? He needed several seconds to notice me. But now he is shooting back. His missiles are smashing my shield quickly. But the armor holds. My armor repaire are mostly capable of compensating the incoming damage. Every now and then a cycle of the ancillary armor repairer should keep me alive for some time.

His shield is breaking. There isn’t much tank left. Armor is gone aaannnddd… BOOM! That was the Tengu. And the pod? Got it too.
I don’t understand this guy. Why did he stay, why haven’t he saved his capsule?
Doesn’t matter now, grab the loot and shoot the MTU.

Why is the wreck empty? Unlucky. But the MTU dropped something. 118 million worth of loot? Nice. There are launchers? Ballistic control systems? Can it be…?
The MTU looted the Tengu. I didn’t even know that this is possible.

What are the killmails saying? 699 million for the Tengu, 66 million the capsule. The MTU was worth 138 million – the looted Tengu modules included. The same items on two killmaily. Somehow funny.

Note for myself:
– MTUs also loot the owners wreck.
– A Confessor can win against a ratting Tengu.

Back to station. Save the loot. And drink a Quafe. I should have more holidays.

Mobile Tractor Unit: