The wardrums are sounding

BLACKFLAG. has declared war on us. Not specifically about us, BLACKFLAG. is a common high-sec war group that declares war on others indiscriminately to ambush unwary pilots and shoot down their ships.

This probably works very often. With PARABELLUM, however, they took a bigger bite than they could chew.

After the previous evening had not been very successful – see Start weak, finish weaker – I was glad to see the ping in the Discord. Off to Jita and getting into an Ishtar, we drummed up a counterattack against BLACKFLAG. One of their citadels, an Astrahus, was only one hour left into the hull timer. We were going to tear it down completely.

Fortunately, I still had a matching Ishtar from another fleet ready in Jita. Apart from that, the Ishtar is rather cheap by PARABELLUM standards at 500 million. That the rich pilots are not sad, we of course also have fittings for up to two billion ISK on offer. It would be a pity if some people don’t get rid of their ISK. I’ll stick with the Ishtar. After the last fleet, the drones were still needed to be swapped, a small purchase was still quickly necessary.

Good tank, even more so with the Assault Damage Control, plus consistent drone damage at about 100km range. Actually a very clever doctrine. With 25 pilots we started the journey, better said a one system long one. There was the Astrahus already, and another 900 pilots in the system. A large part of it felt destributed in, at or around the Astrahus. Accordingly, my GTX1060 was heavily challenged, but could still keep up for the most part at maximum settings.

The opponents had opted for the Praxis as the main ship. Relatively cheap and versatile. Basically not a bad idea. However, our range was a problem for them. After a few minutes of shooting at the station or lonely fighters, they finally started moving. Unfortunately, we fumbled a bit and lost a Damnation in the attack. However, they sacrificed eleven Praxises in return. After the first loss, our logistics were on their toes and we had no further losses.

Hit, BLACKFLAG. retreated back to their citadel and then switched to a Cerberus doctrine. The Cerberus is able to keep up with our range. Thanks to the missiles, however, more predictable, so we had no losses here either. For that, we also barely got to the enemy and instead kept firing at the station. Only one Huginn could be caught by our tacklers before the citadel rapidly spontaneously disintegrated into its parts.

After we first fell for a Bait the evening ended with a success.

Actually this post should be a Lore post again. Unfortunately, I currently lack the peace and the mood for a Lore contribution, sorry.


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