Dropped through the filter

Last november CCP started the EVE Online Partnership Program. Of course, I applied for it as my blog meets the requirements.

What followed was a little annoying. From November until the beginning of March I received no answer from CCP. But after a short conversation and additional checks I now can announce: I got selected as partner.

But what happend? My application got a unlucky path. CCP is processing the Partner applications in batches. My batch was processed completely as every other batch, but my application slid through. As there was no database entry for my site, nobody noticed it until I asked for a status update. Then they found out, that my application was marked as processed, but no status could be found for this application.

To support the process, I reapplied again and shortly after I got the welcome E-Mail from CCP. Now I’m an EVE Online Partner too!

In future you’ll have the chance to win skins for comments and at other occasions. This will force the write comments here and have more interaction.

Let’s start with this post. On german post, I asked a specific questions. As this is my first english post, you can just comment and say hello!

The prices are ten Rupture Scope Syndication YC122 SKINs.

Rupture Scope Syndication YC122 SKIN
Picture from https://www.anoik.is
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