Eva is always on the lookout. Another Heron. Again a capsule. Another young capsule pilot. Probably his first death. At the academy, they tell the fresh capsule pilots that you can get rich quick by exploring wormholes.

They also half-heartedly warn of the dangers. They arouse the desire in the newcomers to bring the valuable raw materials to the empires. Or at least try to.

How was it told to me then?

“Exploration in the wormhole is comparatively easy. You need a Relic Analyzer and a Data Analyzer, plus a ship with cloaking is reccomended. Find an entrance to Anoikis and there the abandoned areas. Hack the containers, take the loot and bring it to the nearest trade center. But be careful, wormholes are not connected to the gate network, you don’t know who is there and is after your life. Good luck!”

Watch out is their advice. Not exactly detailed. No list of helpful tips, like “Save the position of the wormhole you came through.” or “Set the directional scanner to 360 degrees and maximum range. Then scan every 5 seconds – if something pops up, get to safety immediately.”.

In the wormhole, you must be aware of your surroundings and be ready to escape at any time. There are no sleepers in most Relic and Data areas. In most. I didn’t know that at the beginning of my career either. It cost me an Astero at the time. A Ghost area was my ruin. Where is the information on that?

The empires produce new capsuleer pilots on a regular basis. They send them to AIR for training. But there they are only taught how to pilot a ship and use the modules. How to survive isn’t part of the training. Why should it be? Capsuleers can’t die. No matter how it turns out, the empires profit. If the pilot dies, he drives the economy. He needs a new ship and the clone isn’t free either. If he succeeds, then he brings valuable items. Win Win… for the empires.

Still… Wormholes are dangerous. Eva is the best example. Eva is a bouncer. But whoever is not deterred by it and learns from his mistakes, the riches of the Sleepers lie at his feet. And he escapes the shackles of empires, he lives in freedom. In the wormhole you can do whatever you want. You always discover something new and are one with the universe.