Ideas of a stupid #1 – The citadels

I like citadels and the idea behind them. I was hyped for them and in wormholes they improved the life a lot.

But in my optinion, they have one big mistake in their design: They can be placed nearly unlimited in any system.

Weeks ago I discussed ideas to improve the situation in Discord, but never wrote them down in detail. For this is this blogpost.

The problem

Citadels are cheap. And this is good for smaller groups to be able to own a citadel. Smaller corporations are encouraged to move into wormholes and drive conflict there. For me, citadels in wormholes are fine. Players won’t farm the hole they life in.

I K-space the situation is different. The systems spawn anomalies, ore belts and have missionagents. A citadel is a safe harbour for active players. In nullsec the players are informed via intel channels about enemies systems in advance, they can dock as soon, as there is a threat.

As citadels can be placed everywhere and are cheap, they can be found in nearly every system. The return on invest is reached in a few hours.

It’s no secret, that I have citadels in faction warfare. They broke the whole fw mechanic for me.

My proposals

I wrote about the price of citadels above, but I don’t think that a increase in costs would tackle the problems. If one billion or ten, there would be no big change. My alliance fields ships worth 2 billion ISK without hassle.

But what else?

For faction war I would choose a strict way: Citadels should be banned in faction war space or just usable/dockable for the currently system holding faction. Neutral and hostile citadels won’t be allowed.

With the other parts of New Eden it’s more complicated. In high sec, citadels aren’t a big problem, they could stay as they are. May this will allow smaller groups to get their own home.

In wormholes I’m happy with citadels too. But additionally I would bann Pochven filaments from wormholes. I myself used them already to escape away from hostile wormholes.

But now to the remaining space areas – lowsec and nullsec. My proposal isn’t easy to implement, as there are many citadels in existing already. For them, I have no plan until now.

I like to move players out of their safe harbours and increase the risk. The reward can be adjusted accordingly. For this there is on central system per constellation, where citadels can be anchored. If there were no citadels currently, then the first system where a citadel is anchored will be the central system.

In this central system there can be unlimited citadels, but all other system in this constellation are now blocked for anchoring. With this, they player would keep their industry hubs and safe harbours. But to generate income, they have to leave the central system. The central system will be farmed fast and can’t generate enough income for everybody. May the spawn mechanic will be adjusted to reduce spawn in harbour systems.

With this, the players need to spread around the central system, where no citadel is to hide in a blink of a moment.

The result

With this chances the risk for the players rise, intel and rapid response fleets will get more important. It will be worth for hostile fleets to roam the systems, but there will be more content for defending fleets too.

Both sides will have increased thrill and activity. Huters won’t be bored because every target is docked. Carebares will get more thrill and more reward. And the defending PvP players will get propper PvP content.

What’s your opinion?

What do you think about my idea? Do you have a solution for currently existing citadels?

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