A battle in EVE Online is pure adrenaline. Something is at stake, your own ship. There are few games in which a balanced battle is so exciting and varied.

But how often do you really find an even fight? Either the opponents are completely superior or non-existent.

The last sentence was of course an exaggeration. The wormhole actually offers the best conditions for PvP. Within a few jumps you can get into other wormholes, the LowSec or the Null Sec.

If you have scanned the connections. And there are also opponents in the target systems. But often you just spend an evening scanning and looking for targets without finding any suitable ones.

In the last few weeks I’ve been lacking the drive to go hunting. I have two to three evenings a week that I can gamble. I want to use these evenings actively, to experience something in the virtual worlds. Relax.

Currently, I can’t relax in EVE Online. The chase feels unsatisfying. I lack the patience to search in vain for balanced battles. Small fights are rarely found, big fights are less exciting. Bombers Bar was a change of pace, a change of pace I’ll be back to soon. Of course I take part in fleets of my alliance. But I won’t be spending three hours in the next few weeks searching in vain for targets. I leave that to the players who have more time.