That is only a small corporation, he said. They probably won’t fight back, he said. Well, they’re not bringing out the big guns, but the CheeseParty isn’t exactly in the heavyweight category either.

We had to let the first timer pass. We were not enough. 10:00 a.m. universal time is also a bit early, but no matter. There are still two stations, one of them in the last timer. The opponents seem to have 16 pilots on the field, we are eight. That will be difficult.

Even though the guys and gals from Positiv Club probably haven’t been active in the wormhole lately, they’re not entirely without knowledge. The entrance – conveniently a static wormhole to High Sec – is guarded by several cruisers and battlecruisers, plus a bubble. And they know we’re here. As a precaution, all ships have launched their drones. These and several containers should prevent us from sneaky reaching the wormhole. If we don’t know where the entrance is, then the other CHP members can’t get in either.

A good idea, actually. But their minefield has gaps. If you fly in from diagonally above, then you can almost get to the wormhole. The remaining meters are quickly overcome with the afterburner and you’re out. Whereby they have rolled the wormhole to a critical level.

The plan: Find out where the wormhole leads to. Close the wormhole with a Sigil. Immediately scan the new entrance and get there before the enemie do. Fly to the new entrance and bring in reinforcements. Plain and simple.

Our Cheetah pilot is starting to sweat. I don’t think he fully trusts me as I lead him through the bubble. Perspective is important. At first glance, the Gnosis appears to be flying through the route, yet it is much further down. But the Thorax is not down. It’s moving right toward the Cheetah. With its drones.

Decloaked! 1,800 meters from the wormhole. Afterburner and jump. The breakout is complete. The Sigil sets off immediately. Upon arrival, jump right in. Crap, the wormhole is not closed. But the enemies are surprised, on the way back the wormhole closes. They didn’t expect a Sigil.

I land with the enemy scout at the new entrance. Bookmark inside, jump out, bookmark and back in. Crap, the enemies are 4 kilometers away from me. Activate warp and cloak. Why do I have neither Afterburner nor Microwarpdrive on the Anathema? Idiot.

Lucky, they start rolling and ignore me. 100km to the sun, right back to 100km. My fleet in High Sec sets off. The enemies are slow. Only after I land do they open a new bubble. They should have done that faster. They try to roll the hole again. It’s an M-class wormhole, more specifically an N110 – Battlecruisers are the biggest ships that can fit through there.

Critical again. The fleet was too slow. The Sigil isn’t. This time it’s a kamikaze mission. The wormhole is closed, the Sigil is in the middle of the enemy. But there’s an Exequror of them outside. I scan the new entrance. The main goal is to be faster than the opponent.

Eight jumps for my fleet. Mostly Drekavaks. I better switch to the Oracle. Actually it is meant for structures. Over 1,500 DPS thanks to polarized weapons. For that I had to do without defense completely. The enemy is gathering at the wormhole again. They want to roll it again. The fleet is right there.

Four Drekavaks and a Stratios jump in. The CHP begins the attack. Five against sixteen pilots. Okay, now six, I’ve landed on the grid with the Oracle. I can just see the opponents warping away. They seem to be scared. They’re retreating back to their station.

Or are they adapting? Two of the ships have been replaced by Typhoons, the Armageddon remains. But where are they aligning? That doesn’t seem to be the exit. Strange. Oh, they’re going into warp. To the wrong bookmark. That’s the bookmark from the old entrance.

“I’ll warp us away from the entrance to the old entrance, then they won’t hop us on the…” announces the fleet commander. Crap, the fleet warp is active, we rattle full into the enemies. To zero. Without preparation. Clumsy.

Three Drekavaks, one Stratios and my Oracle. It didn’t had to be that way. Two fleet commanders must have had the same thought at the same time. Except the opponents were better positioned for it. We’re going home, the timer is in 15 minutes, we won’t make it. And everything started so well…