Somewhat unexpectedly, Winzentowitsch Madeveda told us that he will apply to be a member of the 16th CSM this year. Winzentowitsch is a member of the same corporation as me, the CheeseParty.

Since it is not easy for a player from a small corporation, in addition from the wormhole, to get attention and votes, I use my direct line for an interview with Winzentowitsch.

Hello Winzentowitsch. Your name is quite long, how may we abbreviate it in the future?

Hello eXe, Winzent is enough and what I usually respond to. I myself make errors more while writing my own name more than I should, so no problem if you do too^^. As a matter of fact I haven’t even hit the character limit.

Tell us briefly about yourself. When did you start with EVE Online and what have you experienced since then?

I started in 2012, but the real beginning was in 2015 when I joined a german C5 Corp. They taught me how to use the D-SCAN and how to Gas Mine. Unfortunately I didn’t get into PVP with them, as everyone flew Tech 3 Cruisers and I still needed a lot of time to fly one.
My next Step was joining Es & Whizz where I had the pleasure to learn about the beautiful niche of Booster Production. Gas mining in Lowsec and Nullsec, delivery of back then still illicit boosters even through the dangerous Highsec or wherever the client wanted it. With them I learned a lot of specific knowledge and could make use of my wormhole experience while smuggling and gas mining.
In the time after that, I unfortanetly wasn’t active that much, as I had to focus on University. Because of this I left Es and Whizz (as of now transformed into Lethal Injection).
During the Lockdown the game managed to pull me back in though, as everything else was boring compared to EVE. Now I live with my corp CheeseParty in a C2 and besides doing the typical WH stuff I do Booster Production in order to fuel my SKIN-Addiction.

How and when did you get the idea to apply for the CSM?

When the solution to AFK Cloaky Camping was first announced, I started worrying about it. CCP currently doesn’t have a good track record for implementing changes without unintended consequences for the game.
J-Space offers a special way to play EVE that isn’t known to many. Because of this, it is at risk to being changed or even destroyed because CSM or CCP lacks the knowledge to implement changes with J-Space in mind. This is something that all me and every Wormhole-Candidate want to prevent.
In real life I work in IT, where I support an ancient ERP-System that is similar to EVE in regards to complexity, outdated UI and spaghetti code. This gave me a lot of soft skills that I would like make use of while working with developers as part of CSM.

Where do you see your focus in EVE Online and in your election program?

I have the pleasure of combining my two favourite activities in EVE: Booster Production and living in Wormholes.
As a matter of fact, I only started producing Boosters myself with CheeseParty, but I learned everything I needed to know during my time at Es & Whizz. No matter if its gas, reactions or BPCs, I know where to get it and then bring it into our hole in order to either support the alliance or make profit in Jita (if you want to set up orders, I’m sure we will figure something out).
Of course, you can make your ISK farming Blue Loot in wormholes, but I prefer flying with my Buzzard through the chain clearing Data and Relic Sites while scouting for potential targets. As we have a Highsec static in our home, we also get some action without having having go deep into the chain. When someone shows up, we of course undock and give our best to wreck any intruder into our home. Sometimes we overkill Herons, but if it’s a newbro we of course compensate his loss after we donate the corpse to the sun.
My candidacy focuses on maintaining and hopefully also improving the Wormhole Life. I also will give a voice to the small guy who should also be heard in the CSM as he is not represented by the Nullsec-Block-Candidates.

Do you see yourself specifically as a representative of the German community?

Representing the german community as a hole is difficult. German players with good English skills are also in international corps and there are no inherently “german” interests in EVE.
One thing that is some kind of them with german players: Eigenbrötlertum
They fight alone against the world, because they want to do their own thing while being as independent as possible. This playstyle isn’t really what EVE was intended for, but I will definitely try to represent this stance of asymmetrical gameplay in the CSM.

What is different from the other candidates and why should the players give you a vote?

After having a look at the most known candidates and those that I see as competitors, I found some finde differences. Similar to Brisc Rubal and Mark Azariah I want to keep taking part in public discourse, as I want to represent you as a community and not only my own ideas.
With a lot of other Wormhole Candidates, I see the tendence to campaign with new features for wormholes. While this isn’t a problem by itself, I try to be more realistic by first taking care of existing problems before requesting new content for wormholes from CCP.
If you want an elite PVP guy, an experienced FC or an EVE Celebrity as your CSM, then I’m not the guy for you. With me you get someone who will listen to you, analyse changes to game holistically and ready to dive into areas of the game that are yet unknown to me.

Through which channels can you be reached for queries?

Please go to my campaign thread if you want to ask me something or to share your ideas.
If you want to contact me directly, you can write to me ingame, or through Discord with the following account: Leon/Winzent#1878

A few more words from me

It won’t be easy for Winzent to prevail over the international competition. But since I’ve known him for a while now, I can confirm that he has his heart in the right place and doesn’t make any rash decisions. He likes to analyze things, but also discusses them with others and incorporates their views into his opinions.

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