Hello stranger,
first of all I would like to welcome you here on my blog.

And now to the essential part of this post: What is this going to be? What is eXeler0n planning to do on this blog? That’s actually answered quickly and easily:
In this blog, I (eXeler0n) will write about my experiences in the Eve universe.

I know, you are now thinking to yourself, “What exactly can I expect there now? And when does it all start?”
Well, the whole thing will probably start on 12/13/2010 or one or two days later. And I will tell you what I experience and learn on my journeys through Eve and during my training at the FdF. So you can mainly expect a little Eve diary here.
Was that it already?

Of course not. Besides my diary, I will also write tips, news and the like for you in German. I will translate and edit the Eve news for you in time. But the main focus is on the diary.

That’s it from my side for now, but you will hear from me again soon. At the latest around 13.12., but if there are interesting news even before.