Buy, sell, the ISK must run

Since the rebuild, I get lost on Jita IV – 4. The station is bigger. Much bigger. They’ve also renewed the lighting. Or better, they flood you with neon signs. Every wall and ceiling. Also in between and even on the floor. “This way to the best Quafe Bar in Jita.” flashes obtrusively on the floor. You can tell Jita is the center of capitalism.

That’s exactly why I’m here. I’m cutting myself a piece of the pie. Trading. I haven’t traded for a long time. But I always made profit from it.

The market, on the other hand, feels like it never changed. Lots of business, lots of noise. Actually, I can stay in the quarters, log into the market there and check the orders comfortably. But I like the atmosphere at the trading center. The hustle and bustle, the shouts, the competition. It’s just a different feeling than in the quarter.

Perfect. There’s a free terminal next to the bar. The Quafe supply is secured. Anyone can invest billions in the market. My project is more special. I want to know if a new capsuleer can also earn ISK on the market. I have learned the skills completely. But no standing. Not quite like a newbie, but almost. Five million. I won’t start with mre startup capital than that. Five million to start, one billion to go. How quickly is that feasible?

Jita 4-4

And what should I trade? I didn’t look at it that closely beforehand. What the heck. The items I use myself in combat against other capsuleers. 10mn Afterburner for example. Or not… 2.300.000 ISK for one piece? I guess I’ll have to bake smaller rolls first. Meta 4 variants. Frigate equipment.

Anyway, let’s start!

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