The winds of change are blowing. The Cheese Party is about to take another step in its history. The opportunity for me to sort through my belongings and clean them out.

So far, I haven’t had the pleasure of having many of my belongings stored in a wormhole. Including my bodies…

Out of 48 ships I had in the wormhole, a full 24 were flown into the High Sec. Unfortunately, Jita was never really pleasantly close, so most of the ships are now lying around somewhere 12 jumps away from Jita. That left another 24 ships. These have been refitted with new ammunition and are ready to go. These are mainly combat ships.

Subsequently, the surplus items were sorted, transported and sold. Away with the junk. I usually only own fully equipped ships and their ammunition. Now and then an alternative equipment. But I don’t collect items. It’s too cluttered, too much for me.

What I do collect: clones. These can’t be sold easily. 9 pieces I can create, 8 pieces I have with impants. Genolution, Crystal, Amulet, and and. Unfortunately, all of them are not cheap. Most of them should go out of the wormhole. But where to? A citadel can be quite a stupid idea. What if it gets destroyed in my absence?

Did you know that there are no eight stations with cloning facilities in Jita? In addition, the good old jump timer still applies at the stations. Clone changed, 24 hours – or with my skills 19 hours – wait. Great. So 8 days for 8 clones.

But I’m more or less done. Everything cleaned up, everything safely stowed or sold. At some point, I’ll have to fly a few more ships to Jita. At some point…