My time for gaming is unfortunately very limited. That’s why it’s even more exciting when in this time is a fleet available. But I just don’t seem to have any luck with fleets.

In the meantime, even my alliance suspects that I’m cursed. Either I miss the fleet, or nothing happens while I’m there.

There have been two variations so far, which have emerged. If you look through my blogposts over the last few months, you quickly realize that I’m often just late. I don’t catch the fleet until the battle is over. Or I don’t make it to the target area in time and the access is closed.

But sometimes I’m in time. Last night, the plan was simple: regain control over a friendly wormhole and drive the enemy away. At the beginning of the fleet, I was in the right ship in Jita, ready to go. After the usual formup chaos, the entrance was found and the fleet thundered off, I’m in a Nighthawk. Three jumps later the message: The wormhole was closed.

This repeated itself five more times over almost two hours. No chance to enter the wormhole. Annoying, but it’s part of the game. What also belongs to it? Turning off the PC just before midnight because you have to work the next day. I already said goodbye sarcastically. “I’ll do you a favor and go offline. With my luck, you’ll have action right after I left.”

What should I say… I docked, closed the client and shut down the PC. After brushing my teeth, which is about 10 minutes after I left, I get the message in Discord: the fleet made it into the wormhole and drove the enemy away.

I really think there is a curse on me. The longer I am in the alliance, the clearer it becomes to me and the other members of my alliance.

I still have five Gila SKINs to give away. This time again as a game of odds. Post in a comment what curse is haunting you in New Eden. Remember to use your character name or write it in the comment. Deadline is 22-11-2021.