New corporation: THE EXTORTIONISTS

I joined the corporation Cheese Party (CHP) more then a year ago. A german speaking corporation that lived in a C2 wormhole. When I joined back then, the Cheese Party was getting evicted out of their wormhole.

Right after that we joined the alliance P A R A B E L L U M (PR.BL) after we were getting invited. CHP had some friendly bonds to the russians and the joining promised content and protection.

Cheese Party Logo
Cheese Party Logo

After a short time we found a new C2 and moved in. A C2 wormhole with a static C3 to farm sleepers. A rather easy activity for solo or small group play, so it fittet the Cheese Party. On the other hand the reward isn’t really great. Especially compared to higher class wormholes, where the majority of our alliance is living.

But the biggest problem is, that a C2 with static C2 can’t hold many players. With this the existing members had little progress. The participation at alliance fleets were to expensive for most members. Also potential new members were deterred by the C2. Additionally the real life struck our corporation as the content creators and leadership got rather inactive. So we got no content for the members.

Then the plan to boost activity by moving into a C4 with static C5 was forged. J154321 was choosen as it is small enough to see the whole system on directional scanner. But it was already inhabited by a group of players that seemed to be friendly with Goonswarm Federation. We aggred on evicting them beginning of January. With delay out leadership called to action and they were evicted by pure luck, not because of a good planning. Actually our corporation showed a bad performance on planning and commitment. This caused two active players to leave the Cheese Party and made me thinking about my future in New Eden.

While I was disappointed by my corporation, I was really happy in P A R A B E L L U M. As I can’t speak russian the options to were limited, but interesting. Besides Cheese Party the corporation THE EXTORTIONISTS is the only non-russian speaking one, but englisch speaking. But they have a different concept.


THE EXTORTIONISTS isn’t a usual wormhole corporation. They got not station in a wormhole, they have no homebase in any wormhole. On the contrary the homebase is near Jita, so deep High Sec. But why is THE EXTORTIONISTS then a wormhole corporation? Rather easy: EXT is a pure PvP corporation that is exploring the wormholes around Jita and go on hunt there. With this we stay extremly flexible without having any obligations and the troubles of the wormhole life, while still enjoing the entertainment provided by wormholes.

Instead of following the remaining pilots of CHP into the C4 I moved my stuff out of the C2 to Jita. In parallel I checked with EXT and they aggreed to let me join them. After unsuccessful waiting and observing the Cheese Party for improvements I made my decision:

I left the Cheese Party and now I’m an EXTORTIONIST.

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