Quafe.de is now english too

EVE Online is an international game. It’s not surprising, that the main communication language in EVE Online is english.

After getting promoted to Partner I was advised, that there are some people that ask friends to translate my posts.

In before: This is the third post in a row that isn’t a lore post. But it happened a lot of things outside of New Eden I can write about.

The reduce the effort for the corpmate, that are translating my blogposts, I’ll transalte them by my own in future. For this I installed a plugin, that supports multiple languages in WordPress. It isn’t perfect, but WordPress isn’t made for multiple languages without plugins.

So from now on my posts will be published in german and english.

The german site can be found here: https://quafe.de
The english site can be found by adding /en after the quafe.de, like here: https://quafe.de/en
If you’re using a feedreader, you can find the english feed here: https://quafe.de/en/feed

Quafe.de Menü

If you choose the english URL, the available posts will be shown in english. The other posts will still be german. I’m not sure, if I’ll translate all my existing 300 blogposts to english.
Another way to switch languages is by opening the menu (the burgermenu on top or mobile on bottom) and click the language to switch it.

Welcome to my english audience!

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