The seventh wormhole and nothing going on. There was only one beginner in the whole chain, at least no one else scans with Core Scanner Probes I. I can’t even do Relic and Data sites. I wanted to hunt capsuleers. My Astero is equipped for combat, not hacking.

Back home. Shortly for a Quafe in bar at hangar. After this let’s see if anything comes up. If not, then I’ll just go hacking with the Helios. Warp to Back 1.2.1. I like our bookmark system. You always know where you are and how far away you are from Kanaan. Three jumps to our home, the land of milk and honey.

The bar is still in perfect working order. We rarely get rowdy here and when we do, we get the bar fixed afterwards. The bodyform seats fit perfectly, like sitting on clouds. The extra price was worth it. There’s nothing like a cozy bar with enough stock of Quafe. Unfortunately, one of our managers is busy taking an exam right now. He’s a capsule pilot, but he’s continuing his education to become a merchant. “If I ever get tired of piloting spaceships,” he says. In your old age, or what? As a capsuleer pilot? With access to a new and young clone? Funny guy sometimes. That’s why I have to fly my Quafe in here myself?

“Check, check, a Legion on 1. Cloaked. I’m undocking with the Porpoise and flying into the ore cloud.”

Priority message for the Corporation, interesting. Legion? Alone? If that’s not a trap, then he’d be kind of stupid. But a Legion. We currently have six pilots in system. A legion should be feasible. Two Blackbirds, one Porpoise and the rest fly cruisers. Thanks to the Blackbirds, we have all the time in the world.

“Um, this must be a trap. Do we really want to attack that one?”, one pilot asks. Damn, I’ve been bored all evening, I want action. I don’t care if it’s a trap, we might be enough for the Legion.

“Scotty, get my Blackbird ready to go. And make sure it’s clean! Why do I have to tell you that every time?”, I bark into my communicator. Last sip of Quafe, let’s go. Sprint to the hangar. As usual, everyone looks curious after me. The bar should be even closer to the hangar, or an express conveyor belt there. Fortunately, I still have my spacesuit on, I wanted to undock again anyway.

“Guys, …, fuck… it…. phu, the sprint, … Get your ships ready. I’ll replace the losses if we get dunked.” I should smoke less and exercise more. A few hundred meters and I’m screwed. Luckily, it gets better quickly in the capsule fluid, which pumps my body full of oxygen. But drown again and I’m already out of breath.

Scotty is getting practice, but I think I’m putting too much pressure on him. He could at least wait until the capsule is completely sealed before activating the tractor beam. I can see the capsule being pulled through the hangar through the containment field as the opening closes. Systems are still powering up. System online, connection established.

“Damn it Scotty, now you’re overdoing it! If this goes wrong, you can scrub every one of my ships by hand!”, I threaten him as my sensor survey builds up. The Blackbird is already out of station atmosphere. Scotty really indulges me in the fun. All systems are ready, just in time. The Legion has our Porpoise in the tackle. Warp Porpoise at 100km. Activate sensor booster.

96 kilometers to the legion. Perfect range, keep this. Our Heretic has a bubble up and the Legion in the tackle. ECM works, the Legion is blinded. The second Blackbird is next to me, Stratios, Harbinger, Tengu and the Porpoise attacking the Legion. The shield is only decoration and already gone. The armor is tougher, we have something ahead of us. But 15% are already gon…

“Check, check. Activation of 1. Two, three, four, …, seven activations. Legion, Loki, Proteus have decloaked and are warping to you.”

Well… shit. And we’ve bubbled up ourselves. Let’s see who can escape. The Porpoise for sure not. Harbinger and Stratios are hanging in the bubble. Our Heretic and Tengu are going full throttle, looks good. The Blackbirds are a bit useless in a situation like this. We focused completely on Amarr jammers. Stupid decision.

Heretic out, Tengu too. Instead, a new Heretic on the field, from the opponent. And all the others. Nothing can be saved here. Harbinger, Stratios and Porpoise sacrificed, Legion still at 50% armor. We can’t even kill this one. Let’s make a short calculation. Stratios is about 300 million ISK, Porpoise about 150 million ISK and the Harbinger? Also 150 million? 500 million lost. Why did I say I wwill replace losses? Oh well, greedy for killmails.

Back to the station. The Blackbirds are still useless here. Shower off again and back to the bar. Alliance fleet in two hours. Engage war enemy in HighSec. BLACKFLAG. has declared war on us. Let’s see how that goes.