Sharks vs Bears – Sustainable War

The older players among you will remember Red Vs Blue. For the younger ones: Red Vs Blue was a community consisting of two corporations (Red and Blue) that were permanently at war with each other.

Everyone was allowed to join this war and fight for one of the two sides, of course, following certain rules to allow even beginners to participate.

Unfortunately, the whole thing ended in 2020. If I have it right in my head, the dissatisfaction with CCP was one of the main reasons, but correct me here gladly. Personally, I thought it was a shame, even though I never participated in Red Vs Blue myself.

Now I’ve been in the awkward situation for a few months that I could hardly find the time and motivation for EVE Online. Life as a wormhole hunter in a wormhole alliance has also contributed to this. Evictions over several days, fleets – spontaneously – over several hours, that’s just not possible for me. I have therefore hardly played EVE Online and was not very satisfied with this.

But you are never completely out of EVE and I have also followed the developments in New Eden. Also on Reddit – the juggernaut of the internet. On r/eve an entry aroused my interest: The Red vs Blue Resurgence (Part 2): What’s next?

Someone wants to revive Red Vs Blue, or the idea behind it. Sharks vs Bears was chosen as the new name, and it should be a bit more casual. Mainly T1 frigates and destroyers, no implants and lots of uncomplicated fights. Perfect for beginners, alpha clones and bored bittervets. So perfect for me.

But not as an alpha, I felt like going all-in without commitment and so I joined the Shark Coalition directly with eXeler0n. For the beginning I assembled five frigates and flew the four jumps from Jita into the battlefield.

The five frigates are now scrap, actually many more. From Sharks vs Bear fleets to Free for all fights to small 1vs1 fights, everything was there in the meantime. Such a frigate costs a maximum of two million ISK and often even the ship is provided. The Free for all was held on the planet, with a Bowhead 300km away. One shot through the arena and got a replacement ship directly at the Bowhead. Very funny, especially because of the sometimes unusual ships. I just say: “Why does he tank so much? Is eXeler0n sitting in a Bantam to keep him alive? WTF?!”

So if you’re up for some uncomplicated PvP in a fun group, then Sharks vs Bears is ideal for you. You don’t have to leave your current group. Just create a second character or even an alpha account and have fun. Maybe we will fight each other soon?

Ingame-Channel: SvB Public Channel

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