SiSi: WCS and Nullification changes

Many players think that the developers at CCP ignore the suggestions and concerns of the community. Even though this may isn’t the case, the mills at CCP grind a little slower.
Now CCP has come forward with a big bang and unveiled sweeping changes to the Warp Core Stabilizer and Interdiction Nullification system. Unsurprisingly, the reaction of the EVE Online community is… mixed.

What will change?

Warp Core Stabilizer

The values on the test server and in the official announcement in the forum differ slightly, I assume here that the values on the test server for the Tech II module are correct.
In the future only one Warp Core Stabilizer can be installed per ship. The installation of this module will permanently reduce the targetrange, scan resolution and drone bandwidth by 40%-50%.
The actual effect, i.e. the increase in warp strength, is built in as an active effect. If you activate the Warp Core Stabilizer, you get +3 warp strength for 15 seconds.
The module has a cooldown of 150 seconds.

Interdiction Nullification

Interdiction nullification, i.e. immunity to bubbles, was previously a passive ability of various ship hulls or subsystems.
This will be changed in the future and a module is necessary to be immune to bubbles. As with the Warp Core Stabilizer, only one module can be installed and it must be activated (10-15s duration, 150s cooldown). It also permanently reduces the targeting range and scan resolution by 50%.
In return, the module is allowed on a further selection of ship classes, so that in the future, for example, bombers or T1 frigates could also be immune. The existing nullified ships will get a bonus to the duration of 100% and a 50% reduced cooldown and 50% less negative effect on the unlock range.
Additionally, all shuttles will have a passive immunity to bubbles.

My opinion?

Personally, I think the changes are great.
Warp core stabilizers were a thorn in my side, especially in the faction war. They still work, but as a player you have to think carefully about when and how to use them. AFK ratting in 0.0 becomes much more difficult.
On the other hand, you now get +3 warp strength for one low slot. Previously you had to sacrifice three slots for this. I think for active players this is ok. The drawbacks of the module makes it less interesting for PvP and PvE, so Warp Core Stabilizers are more likely to be used for travel through New Eden in the future.
With the Interdiction Nullification change, I then realize how long I’ve actually been playing EVE Online. In my corporation, but also on Reddit and in the forum, there was a lot of discussion about the fact that roams and fast travel would become impossible. You would never get to 0.0 or even find destinations there.
During my first years in EVE Online there were only four ships that had Interdiction Nullification – the Tech III Cruisers. Too expensive and skill intensive as a scout, tackler or pure travel ship. And believe it or not, back then you could also travel through 0.0. And roams existed as well.
I remember having to go through a gate camp including a bubble with my Covert Ops – that was a thrill, that was a challenge, and it was a satisfaction when I survived. Today, I jump in my Ares and fly away. LowSec? NullSec? Wormhole? Doesn’t matter. 1.87 seconds alignment time, immune to bubbles. I fly the routes brain-AFK – how many smartbomb gatecamps are there in he end? Not that many, he risk is low.
I don’t think it should be that easy to get from A to B in New Eden. Active, deliberate playstyle should be rewarded.

Not only a deterioration!

The extension of the Interdiction Nullification module to other ships provides some very interesting possibilities.
An Occator only has a maximum of 5 instead of 6 warp strength, but you can make it immune to bubbles in the future. MWD + Cloak + 5 Warp strength + Bubble immunity?
Oh, an Astero with +4 warp strength, Covert Ops Cloak and Interdiction Nullification? Let’s go. It also fits in the Battleships’ Frigate Escape Bay, by the way. Cursing out battles in NullSec and wormholes becomes significantly easier.

Final words

As I said before, I think the changes are basically good. But I can also understand if you have problems with it, especially as a player who doesn’t know the times before nullified interceptors. I am glad though.

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