In the last post I wrote you that I need a change from the stressful wormhole life and therefore I joined the newly founded successor of Red Vs Blue – Sharks vs Bears.

Now that we have formed us for the first few weeks, the first public tournament is coming up. It will be a frigate tournament, in which everyone can participate, who has registered in advance.

The tournament will take place on 20th of Augut 2022 at 18:00 EVE Time and will run according to the known bracket system.

To allow beginners and alpha accounts to participate, only T1 frigates with T1 and T2 modules are allowed. Currently we are still checking how we should ban implants/boosters. We are currently working on a concept to control this rule.

I personally would be happy if you participate in the tournament. Sign up, it doesn’t cost anything. On the contrary, there are 10 billion ISK worth of prizes waiting for the best pilots!

Info post on Reddit:

Registration form: