BB 07/2021 – Would I start again with EVE Online today?

New month, new blog banther. The blog banther is a joint action of the german bloggers to offer readers multiple perspectives on a selected topic. This blog banther is: Would I start again with EVE Online today?

The question is not so easy to answer for me, as I have been almost continuously in New Eden since 2010. Sometimes a bit more inactive, but I have never left EVE Online. Therefore, I lack a bit of the view of the current entry and the memory of the beginnings are faded or glorified.

When I came across EVE Online in 2010, both my life circumstances and EVE Online were significantly different. At that time I was a student and had a lot of time. I was able to live in EVE Online extensively, could actively participate in a corporation and was online daily. In addition EVE Online was still clearly more complicated and more merciless. You had to gather information as texts – YouTube was still in its infancy, Twitch didn’t even exist yet.

But there was the german pilot manual and the EVElopedia, a wiki hosted by CCP. At that time, player numbers were at their peak and the possibilities were many. I took the mercenary path quite quickly. Today there are hardly any mercenaries left, because it is simply not worth it. Financially it wasn’t at the past times too not worth it.

But I think that EVE Online would still attract me today. I probably wouldn’t just farm my 225 million skill points anymore, but I’d also top them up with real money. In the meantime I have much more money than 10 years ago, but less time. Of course, I want to use this time efficiently.

But I am not sure if I would stay in New Eden for a long time. Over the years I have had doubts about my life as a capsuleer pilot from time to time. The emotional attachment to the game is an important reason why I am still here. If I didn’t have that attachment, EVE Online would probably be too time consuming for me and I’d pull the ripcord before I got really “caught up” in the game. Like back then, I’d probably start missionrunning and get bored too quickly.

In short: I would start again, but I would most likely not stay long. Not because the game is bad, but because I lack the time and progress.

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