BB 08-21: A wish for CCP

New month, new blog banter. This month sendriss (he blogs now in English too!) chooses the topic: A wish for CCP.

As this is a open topic, I won’t have any problem to find something I would wish from CCP. So, what is my wish?

My answer to this question isn’t related to the game itself. Of course, there would also be wishes for the game (ban filaments from WH?), but I have a wish that is more important to me.

The community. CCP once had a great community department that was active all over the world. I’m one of the lucky players that had the chance to attend two player gatherings in Germany. Both of them happened at the Gamecom and I had a lot of fun there. The direct contact to the employees of CCP, crazy and funny people, was just great. Also who wouldn’t remember the drinking contests and the Mettigel (raw pork meat)?

So my wish? CCP should increase the worldwide community work again. But with Covid-19, I fear that this will be earliest last year.

As this post is rather short, I will compensate you with the chance to win a Abaddon SKIN. As last month, just write me an EVE Mail to eXeler0n with the topic “SKIN August”. If your mail shows some special creativity, there may be an additional bonus.

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