The nice Sendriss revived an old project: The topic of the month. With this project, the german bloggers write about an specific topic every month. The readers can then experience one topic from different views.

The topic this month: Embarrassing, embarrassing.
I had an idea for this topic, but after this day, I dropped this idea and switched to another idea.

First I would write, that it’s embarrassing to curse the Blackout in the post “Kommentar zum Rage” (german) and state, that the missing local chat is the cause for me not to live im wormholes. And where am I living today am where am I really happy? In wormholes. I don’t even miss the local chat.

This would’ve been a short post. But today something happened to me, that is way more embarrassing.

Currently the event Federation Grand Prix is live. Today, on sunday, I woke up early and my girlfriend was still asleep. I had time. After missing the chance to catch an Endurance I decided: Board your travel interceptor and participate in the Grand Prix. At least I could earn some SKINs that looks okay.

As I remembered: The racetrack leads through LowSec and 0.0. Of course there will be gatecamps. My travel interceptor is in warp in less then two seconds and additionally immune against bubbles. Just smartbombs would be a threat to me.

Shortly I opened the clonewindow and checked it – I’m not in my learning clone. Actually very boring. Warp, jump, warp, jump, warp, jump, and so on.

Then the expected happened: I landed in a gatecamp. With smartbombs. My Ares exploded, my capsule too. I woke up in HighSec. My girlfriend woke up too, so I went to breakfest.

When the killfeed in Discord wrote the lossmails, I examined them to check, who killed me.
When seeing the value of my capsule, I got curious – over one billion ISK.
Yes, I wasn’t flying my +5 learnclone, but I hadn’t seen that I was sitting in my Mid-Grade Amulet clone.

Damn, hard fail, that shouldn’t happen a pilot with eleven years of experience. While knowing the thread I flew with the wrong clone and lost it…