I could actually fly the shuttle without a capsule. There is nobody on board except me, which means that the ship is just another protective cover around my body, and of course for the few things that I take with me.

A suitcase is attached to the hold. Lashed to the wall so that it doesn’t fly through the shuttle and lose its contents. The only foreign object on the shuttle besides my capsule.

Scotty is reliable as always. The shuttle glides smoothly out of the Astrahus. A thought later, the ship turns and points its nose at a bookmark. It’s called 0 EGT HS Reisen 12J – it’s our static exit wormhole to High Sec. 12 jumps to Jita, usually ok, but not optimal. Jita is not my goal today.

The shuttle is thrown into the warp tunnel. The flickering of the warp field is reflected dimly on the gray hull of the spaceship. The sight lasts only a few seconds until the shell begins to vibrate, the sign of the imminent end of the warp.

The vibration is transmitted to the case. I can only guess how the vibrations affect the contents of the suitcase. I hope everything goes as planned. The case is definitely firm and stays in its holder.

In front of me is the wormhole. I can see the mists of Caldari space in the eye of the wormhole. Otherwise the wormhole is quiet, and many ships will still let through for many hours. Next thought, the shuttle is dipping into the wormhole. A thought later, I’m in Reisen.
Appropriate name, german for traveling. Setting course: Waskisen. 11 jumps through safe area. As long as I’ve lived here, it’s almost a second home.

Therefore also Waskisen. The first stop on a journey without a destination. I’ve been a capsuleer for over eleven years. I haven’t been able to die for eleven years and still have died hundreds of times. I dreamed of eternity. And the longer this eternity lasts, the more I realize that eternity is a very long time. A very long time for life, struggle, death and rebirth. Capsuleers unite the cycle of life.

I don’t regret a minute, I made the right decision back then. I am a capsuleer, blessed and doomed with immortality. But I need a break. I need a change from life on stations and spaceships. To life in a capsule.

Waskisen IV is said to have very nice beaches and great hotels. Just switch off and relax. How long? Who knows. Hopefully things are not mixed up in the suitcase.