The year 2021 passed by and CCP gave us a personal review. The blog bather this month is about our plans and expectation for EVE in 2022.

The plans on one hand are personal, the expectations on the other hand are my wishes for EVE Online as game.

I like to find more time and motivation to play. FirstI ignored EVE for a while for other games, but then time got a factor that stopped me playing EVE Online. This is one think I will change. For this I’ll set myself targets to achive. What targets? I don’t know in detail. There will be massurable targets, but also experience targets. Messurable is for example the number of PvP kill I do in 2022.

To be more precise and won’t keep the topic empty:

  • 150 PvP kills, where 25 are solo kills.
  • Solo C5 ratting in a Marauder.
  • Command 15 fleets with 5 or more participants.

But what are my expectations for EVE Online, so from CCP? I could write down my wishes. But I decided to go with a more realistic approach. What changes and new content do I expect from CCP in 2022 to keep the players motivated?

The changes of industry will proceed, that’s already announced. Compression of ice and gases will be added, but with reduced efficency. The amount of loss will be dependent on skills and the way of compressing. Rorquals will be the optimum, stations the minimum. I expect CCP to adjust the numbers of mining-reward and ressources needed for blueprints, if neccessary. But this will be minor adjustment, no complete recalculation.

Last year, CCP started an initiative to drive the lore. They published new videos for the empires and the story should’ve proceded. I hoped, that they’ll use this to rework faction warfare and the outdated missions. But after the videos, there wasn’t more content. In 2022 there will be progress in lore. But there will be no changes for faction warfare or missions. The latest events showed the way CCP will go with storytelling. Small tasks with different rewards in events that will drive the storyline in small steps. Like a free season pass. The plan is easy: players that like to experience the story and get the rewards need to log in and play. This way players get motivated: FOMO – the fear of missing out.

Other stuff? CCP’s communication is really intransparent here and I already gave up on having expectations. Let’s wait, until CCP finished the industry changes. Half of the year is then gone already.

May they then tackle the long list of problems and never finished topics?