New month, new blog banther. This time, we bloggers are dealing with the question of whether we would like to see more SKINs in New Eden.

SKIN, the acronym for Super Kerr-Induced Nanocoatings, are actually just a new coat of paint for your ship. You can use them to individualize your ship to a limited extent and show that you have too much ISK or have been active in the past.

In the past… back then, many years ago, when I was young and new in New Eden, there were no SKINs. There were special edition ships. A Quafe Iteron. A golden Magnate. And many others. Some of these ships had special effects, but many just looked different. The Quafe Iteron was just blue and had a Quafe logo. Otherwise it was identical to the normal Iteron.

In 2015, CCP reworked the textures of the ships and in the process introduced SKINs. A system that allows players to change the appearance of his ship with a SKIN at any time. At the same time, the SKINs became a part of the New Eden Store (NES) and could be bought for real money.

Nicely though, you don’t get the SKIN directly into your collection, you get an item to redeem. This also allows you to trade SKINs. Free SKINs via the login bonus are the exception here, these are redeemed directly and are thus not tradable.

Long text to explain what SKINs are. Let’s get to the real question of the post: Do we, or rather I, want more SKINS in New Eden?

Hell yes! Even though I personally almost never see my SKIN, somehow I like it. I know players who collect all SKINs, I’m a bit more picky. I only collect the SKINs that I personally find pretty. Headhunter, Federal Police, State Police, Permaband and of course… the Quafe SKINs. All other SKINs are more dependent on the ship.

I am a fan of great variety though. Of course a fleet looks great if all ships have the same SKIN. But with the Police SKIN it is also easier to roleplay. But you know what is still missing? Citadels SKINs. Citadels have to get SKINs in any case. A yellow Astrahus for the cheese party? Go for it!