EVE Online, a game with almost unlimited possibilities and an MMO with a lot of freedom compared to other games. But just because you have a lot of options doesn’t mean you do it.

This is also the theme of the month for October: What would I never do in EVE Online?

As a PvP player with rather low moral restraints, I’m always asked why I do this or that. The simple answer is usually: Because I am allowed to and can. Of course, sometimes I feel remorse, for example when I shoot down a beginner in his Heron. Then I usually write to him, explain his fate and transfer 10 million ISK to him. It’s possible that the Heron will become a serious opponent at some point and give me a better fight. Nevertheless, I shoot at Herons, freely following the motto: learning through pain.

But even if I sometimes turn a blind eye to morality, there are a few things I would never do in EVE Online. I’ll name two things here, the first is more in the “just because” category, the second is a basic personal decision.

Let’s get to the first never: at no time I will fly together with the Goons or even be a part of Goonswarm. Sure, there is an exception for public fleets, but I will not participate in any fleet that benefits the Goons. Years ago, I used to be part of The Initiative. After I joined, Init. allied with the Goons and I left. I have an unfounded dislike for the Goons, just like that…

The second never is also strongly related to my notoriety, or reputation. I have never and will never rob my corporation. This is true even if I get in conflict with the leadership or even somehow end up with the Goons. A theft does not harm the corporation or the leadership, it mainly harms the members. Even those with whom one has got on well. On the other hand, word of a theft gets around quickly. Since I am not completely unknown because of this blog and my occasional presence in the community, my name and character would be burned. With over 225 million skill points and a name I use everywhere, that’s extremely uncool.

What would you never do in EVE Online? Write it in the comments with your character name and you have the chance to win a Vedmak Partner SKIN. The character name must be exactly the same in EVE Online, I will send the code to the named character without checking.