New month, new blog banther. This time the topic is: The pathetic scum of the galaxy.

The formulation is a bit harsh, in addition also not quite correct… New Eden is only a cluster, not a whole galaxy.

But what exactly is the topic about? I’ll quote the idea creator: “The world of EVE Online players is dazzling and spectacular. But what about those who live in the shadows and fly their ways in the EVE universe with little notice – either intentionally or unintentionally. Which player groups are we overlooking and why are they part of the EVE meta?”.

The topic does leave room for interpretation. So you may also be curious about the contributions of my blogger colleagues. Groups like Code. or Snuffed Out came to my mind first. Groups that no one likes and are considered by many to be pathetic scum. But the description throws me for a loop. It’s all about the unappreciated player groups. Code and Snuffed are not unappreciated player groups.

Next question: is it about me or the general public? So by whom are the player groups disregarded and held in low esteem?

However, I think I have found one player group that is hardly noticed, but that no one really likes – Low Sec Gatecamper. The Low Sec space is relatively extinct if you exclude Faction War. Nevertheless, it is the dividing layer between High Sec and Zero Sec, or since Pochven, between some High Sec regions as well. The fastest route between Amarr and Jita passes through a single Low Sec system.

You will find few players in the Low Sec regions. Most players are just passing through. However, this also attracts gate campers. Players who spend their time at a jump gate besides Netflix and co. If another player has a too slow ship he becomes their prey. A boring and low way to get at other players and their possessions.

But what would be the Low Sec without the Gatecamper? Right, even more boring and even more empty. They are the gatekeepers into the unsafe areas and the reason why, still to this day, careless newcomers, ignoring the warning window, quickly experience their first loss.

This month there are again SKINs for the Gila. The first 10 commenters will get a Gila SKIN from me. Remember, write your comment with your ingame name or write it in the comment. If I can’t find a character with the name, I’ll proceed in the list.