EVE Online is currently in its 19th year of public existence. Even though I’ve only been a part of it since 2010, the saying “EVE is dying” seems to have been around from the beginning. After the changes in recent months, the saying is again on everyone’s lips. We bloggers have taken the opportunity and want to bring you the reasons for the dying of EVE Online closer.

Of course, the topic is not completely serious. But you can’t overlook the fact that after the last changes, the number of players is at a relatively low level. So is Eve Online really dying, if so – why?

Reason 1: CCP does not show any plan

The last few years, CCP has brought many changes and new features to the game. They always try to make sure that they release the changes with a background story. Unfortunately, the background stories then very quickly fizzle out. For years the Sansha have been trying unsuccessfully to bring the big empires to their knees. The Triglavians have gone to great lengths to have them tear some systems into their own network. And now? They’re droning around in Pochven and nothing is heard from them anymore. And Upwell? Was launched as a huge joint venture and now seems less important than the Quafe Company.

Reason 2: Players are changing

EVE Online is not a fast game. I’ve mentioned it myself here and on my private blog eXeler0n.de several times. Life in New Eden takes time. There is no instant action. A roam can take over three hours, and whether you even get a fight is written in the stars. An Eviction? You have to calculate a week with several hours per day if you want to participate actively. A Krief in 0.0? Months… The problem is that the younger generation is used to quick successes thanks to Battle Pass and Lootboxes. The older generation lacks the time. The little time available should be filled with content, not waiting and searching.

Reason 3: EVE Online is too complex

12 years of EVE Online and I have no idea how to produce. If I build Planetary Interaction, I first calculate the optimal composition for hours. A fight has to be planned in advance. Who simply jumps into the opponent loses with high probability. And a loss is final. In this day and age, people want to be told what to do. They want to see exactly why something didn’t work out. Thinking for yourself is too much for many.

Reason 4: CCP is doing things wrong

CCP actually recognizes quite well that the game needs to adapt. They just don’t realize how it has to adapt. And instead of asking the players, they work in secret and then surprise the players – mostly negatively. What is the CSM actually for? Nowadays it is much easier to get feedback than 15 years ago.

Reason 5: The basics become more and more obsolete

I am also happy about new features in a game. But I’m even happier when the existing systems work and are developed with care. CCP, however, completely neglects their existing systems. The missions are still as boring as they were 19 years ago, you can’t get rid of POSsen, and and and. In my opinion, it would be important if they took a step back in Iceland and brought the existing systems up to speed.