With last week’s update, CCP has updated the skill window and the character window on Tranquillity.

Instead of one window there are now two windows, which have a more modern look, but also bring some problems.

Let’s start with the character window, which hasn’t changed that much. The character render is no longer displayed at the top, but on the left. The actual content is now on the right and has barely changed. Why you have the option to hide the actual window and only show the character is beyond me.

A little tip in between: If you stack any window (e.g. the pointer window) with the character window and then close the newly stacked window by right-clicking, you will have a character window without 3D display again. ATTENTION: This cannot be undone!

When I looked at the skill window I was torn. For newcomers it is surely super. On the other hand, I find the display of the skill plans a bit confusing. Nevertheless, I think it’s good that new players are given something to do here.

Unfortunately, in return, a few mistakes and wrong design decisions were introduced. Initially you could click through the empty area of the window, but I can’t recreate that now. Also I find it not good to default to full screen, instead of a window. Especially when you look at how much space the window wastes.

In addition, you can no longer see how long the next level of a skill takes. You first have to drag the skill into the skill list, which has been expanded to 150 places. The expansion of slots on the other hand I find again good. Not for me, but for new players. I myself have filled 950 days of skill time with 46 skills.

In summary, I am glad that you need the skill window rather rarely and thanks to the bug with the character window, this is also nice space-saving and fast again. On the other hand, the new design looks more modern and is certainly helpful and appealing to new players.

What do you think about the new windows?

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