For many years I have been reading in various channels the demand that cloaky camping must be abolished. A single player could paralyze whole systems and the activities of the inhabitants as well.

Now CCP has announced a deployable, with which you can deactivate the cloak. Why I find this stupid you can read in the following lines.

CCP has long resisted to introduce a change to cloaking. Now they have given up. I find it interesting, that the wormhole dwellers immediately rejected that the deployable works in the wormhole.

What problem does CCP actually want to solve with the deployable? According to many players, cloaked pilots in their systems destroys their playstyle. They can’t do PvE, because someone is there all the time, potentially posing a threat.

Well, as long as the player is cloaked somewhere in the system, there is no danger emerging from him. But he could have fitted a cyno and then rapidly catch a carrier. Also, there is no way to expose and actively fight this player until now. Since CCP currently wants to promote a more active play style, the step to decloak is understandable from this perspective.

On the other hand, cloaking loses one of its main purposes: disguising the cloaked ship. Is it a Tech 3 Cruiser, a Covert Ops or an Astero? Until now this was not known and that was a good thing. It was the only way to fight a psychological battle, unsettle the enemy and then strike at the right moment.

In the future, you will only be uncloaked for a short time and can cloak again almost immediately, but which ship you are flying will be known to everyone in the system. Especially in NullSec the intel tools work very well. The cloaked player can now actually pull off, since he no longer has the element of surprise. He no longer has the possibility to unsettle the inhabitants by his presence alone.

This makes PvE in 0.0 a bit safer again. The inhabitants now know exactly what to expect. A Helios? Then you can actually continue to PvE, maybe just have a Tactical Destroyer ready.

The inhabitants have always had enough possibilities to defend themselves. Own Cynos, Intel and support fleets are reliably available. So the new module helps the big blocks to generate their income even more securely.

Smaller groups have used cloaked ships and the unknown threat they pose to do guerrilla warfare. A way for small groups to have an impact by quick hit&run attacks at the right moment.

This is completely eliminated with the new module. I therefore don’t like it. But at least it won’t be available in wormholes.