Seasonal events are probably a good change for many players. I, on the other hand, haven’t been able to get much out of them so far.

Apart from the many items and skill points that you can earn just by logging in.

The login bonuses are definitely a motivation to log in for a few moments at least. During my summer vacations in Italy, I logged in via Geforce Now with my smartphone. You can’t play with it, but it’s enough for the login bonuses.

For each event, however, there are tasks and special event areas. I work through the tasks randomly at most. You can take an NPC with you. But working through the tasks in a targeted manner has not been my thing so far. The rewards haven’t attracted me much, and the tasks haven’t fit my playstyle.

The same is true for the areas. As a pirate or wormhole dweller, the areas were rather difficult to reach. For this I have not dealt with it so far.

Actually, I wrote the article without the question mark in the title, but while writing it I realized: Why not? If you don’t try something new in New Eden every now and then, you’ll burn out.

Do you do the saison tasks?