Wormholes, the unexplored expanses of New Eden – or wherever they are. For many players, wormholes are a mystic book, which is why only a few players dare to enter them.
Yet wormholes offer a very varied way of playing, in which one is surprised again and again – both positively and negatively.
In order to reduce the fear and prejudice of wormholes, I’m writing this guide for you.

First of all: My recommendation to all players is to set EVE Online to English – what you will have when you read this guide in English.

What and where are wormholes?

The term wormhole is used twice in EVE Online. On the one hand it means the passages to and from wormhole systems, the gates so to speak. On the other hand, it also means the unknown star systems themselves. In this guide I will use the word wormhole for the passages, for the wormhole systems I will append the system.

But let’s start with the systems. A wormhole system is an unexplored system that is not connected to the network of stargates. In English one speaks of W-Space or J-Space (since the system names begin with J), i.e. the wormhole space. In contrast, systems with stargates and which are charted are called K-Space – short for known space.

Since the wormhole systems are not connected to the network of the stargates, they also do not have an overview of present pilots in the local chat as long as you do not write anything, so you do not know who is in the system with you. This is one of the main reasons why many players avoid wormhole systems. The uncertainty is especially hard on the nerves in the beginning and requires a different way of playing than you are used to outside of wormhole space.